Monday, June 12, 2006

Medieval/Contemporary Novel by Siri Mitchell

Chateau of Echoes is an awesome novel, unique in that it switches back and forth from medieval times and the story of a 13-year-old girl forced to marry a man she's never met, and a contemporary story involving a young widow who buys a French chateau and finds the long-lost journal of the 13-year-old from the 1400's.

I really love the concept, and Siri executes it very well. In fact, she's a finalist for a Christy award in the Romance category. There's also a bit of mystery and suspense that make this book even more interesting. I highly recommend it and hope to read more Siri Mitchell books, since this was my first.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Everything's Coming Up Josey

Susan May Warren is great at plotting. She tries her hand at chick lit and comes out looking like a pro. But that's what she is. A pro, I mean. Anyway, check out my review of her great new book.

If you like chick lit, you will love Susan’s latest book. I was laughing out loud at Josey’s misadventures as a first-year missionary. In fact, I think the chick lit format is appropriate for the subject matter, since, by it’s very nature, a missionary’s first year in a foreign country is such that if you don’t laugh at it, you just might spend the year crying. Believe me, I know. I spent a year in Ukraine.

Josey is a 24-year-old ready to jump at the chance to escape her life. Her sister/best friend just married Josey’s ex-boyfriend, Josey has a dead-end, non-glamorous job at the local newspaper, and her best bud from grade school, middle and high school has a fiancĂ© that looks like she spends five days a week in the gym. Yes, Josey needs a change—a big one.

But everyone is shocked when she announces she’s going to Moscow to teach English. Even Josey can hardly believe it, but she discovers a lot about herself—and God—before she even leaves the States. Her complicated, three-ring circus of a love life, and her animal-print, tight mini-skirted roommate all lead her to her knees praying for God’s direction.

This is a must read for chick lit lovers. Don’t miss it! I highly recommend it, especially if you ever wondered what it’s like to be a missionary.