Friday, September 01, 2006

I finished!!!

I finished my second novel last week. It isn't just a rough draft, either. I am always compelled to go back and edit as I go, plus my wonderful--and I do mean wonderful--critique partners, Jamie Driggers and Caren Fullerton, have critted it as well. (I love those girls). Anyway, I was so excited and happy about the way my book turned out, the plot came together so well, that I got depressed after I finished it. It was an attack of self-doubt and fear that really blind-sided me. But I'm better now. I'm praying every day, several times a day, for peace and calm. It's the only way I'm going to get through the next several weeks.
Which brings me to the subject of the ACFW conference, but I want to save that for tomorrow's blog.
Anyway, here's my quick pitch that Jamie and the others in our critique group helped me with yesterday.
"Sleeping Beauty meets Pride and Prejudice when a betrothed prince falls for a woodcutter's daughter whose secret identity endangers both their lives."
I hope the editors like it. :-)

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