Sunday, October 29, 2006

Watching the Tree Limbs, A Review

Mary DeMuth's first published novel is about Mara, a young girl whose life is a mass of secrets in a small Texas town that is beset with its own deceptions and corruption. Who are Mara's parents? The birth certificate she finds shows that her name is actually Maranatha, but it doesn't answer any of her other questions.
One of the first things that happens to Mara when she moves to Burl, Texas, is perhaps the worst thing that could happen to a child. But that terrible thing doesn't happen anymore after the first 33 pages (just in case you're too afraid to keep reading). It's painful, but so true and real and prevalent today that we all need to be more aware of child molestation, the signs and ways to prevent it. And this book treats it realistically and appropriately.
But you will thoroughly enjoy the rest of this Southern fiction masterpiece. Mary DeMuth is a talented writer who paints vivid pictures and skillfully draws you in with her quirky characters.
There are several mysteries Mara tries to solve, in her little girl way, and she wonders why God seems so far away. Who can't identify with that? But He IS there, and you will enjoy the ways He begins to show up in Mara's life and in the life of the town, bringing justice to the evil people and mercy to Mara.
The ending is great, and I hear the next book in the series is even better. It's called Wishing on Dandelions and I can't wait to read it. I highly recommend Watching the Tree Limbs. It's well worth your time.
Tune in for my next blog post when I reveal the book I think is the all-time greatest modern contemporary book. (Was that redundant? But you know what I mean.)

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