Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mending Places by Denise Hunter

Wow, what a great book! I get excited when I find another writer that I really like, and I got excited right after I started this book.

The heroine of Mending Places is Hanna Landin, a young woman who dropped out of college to help her grandmother run the family lodge in the mountains of Wyoming. Problem is, the lodge hasn’t been doing well and she’s about to lose the place if they don’t drum up some more business.

Hanna is also a woman haunted by a horrible thing that happened to her eight years earlier: She was raped. She’s easily spooked and still sleeps with the light on. She is turned off by men, even her own college boyfriend, and has pretty much avoided men ever since.

Enter the hunky Christian trail guide whom she hires to take her lodge guests on hikes. He’s the first man to appeal to Hanna in years, and boy does he appeal to her. However, he has sworn off women. You see the conflict? Anyway, the attraction between them is well-done, and I loved it. If you like romance, you should enjoy this book. The ending I could see being somewhat controversial, but I thought it was great, actually a whole new concept that I’ve never ever seen done before. Which is really saying something.

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