Friday, February 09, 2007

Petticoat Ranch by Mary Connealy

Realistic and honest, this romantic comedy/adventure story is laugh-out-loud funny. Sophie is capable of taking care of herself and her four young daughters, and has been forced to do so by a largely-absent husband. When he is killed by vigilantes, she does what she must to survive.

Enter her husband’s long-lost twin brother, Clay, who sees himself as the one who has to save these defenseless females from the wild, dangerous Texas frontier.

The contrast—and conflict—between the way a woman thinks and the way a man thinks is just the beginning of the hilarity. But I felt a little sorry for Clay as he muddles through his new life with five females, after being raised by a single father among a bunch of rough mountain men. The tears, the giggles, the squeals and screams. It’s enough to make a grown man—run for it. Yet Clay is head over heels for his girls, at first thinking he has died and been surrounded by heavenly angels with golden blond hair.

I laughed myself silly reading this book. I even learned some things. Namely, that it is a man’s nature to want to protect, provide, and give orders to the women he loves, and they’d better like it. When Clay decides he has finally figured out how to deal with his woman, you’ll die laughing. Men, beware. This book may be a little too honest for you. As for the other half of the human species, you’ll always remember reading in black and white what you’ve been thinking all these years but were too afraid to say out loud. Too funny. I highly recommend it.


Chaos-Jamie said...

Poor guy. Can you imagine? It is like me with all my sons...except I didn't step into their independence and try to take over. I've always ((thought that I would have)) been in charge.

Debbie said...


Since you enjoyed Petticoat Ranch, would you be interested in receiving an ARC of the sequel Calico Canyon? It releases in July.

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