Saturday, February 24, 2007

Scoop by Rene Gutteridge

I guess by now you know I’m a certified fan, and after reading so many Rene Gutteridge books in a row, I’m seeing the funny side of everything. Which is a good thing, I think.

Rene has a knack for coming up with hilarious premises, and she really delivers with the set up of this novel. The heroine is young Hayden Hazard, whose parents die in a hot tub while on vacation. As one of Hayden’s siblings put it, “We don’t really understand it ourselves, but it boils down to an overly ambitious serenading guitar player, a hundred-foot extension cord, and a rack of mood lighting.” (Okay, if you’re not laughing, you must not be breathing.) Hayden and her six siblings are left with the Hazard Clown business, where the whole family for years have worked as clowns. When the oldest sibling announces that he has sold the business, Hayden (whose severe clown phobia has relegated her to office manager) realizes she will have to do something else with her life.

Cut to several years later. Hayden is working as an assistant at a TV news station. When the stressed-out producer is left with no female anchor on the first night of sweeps week, he decides to put his cool and articulate assistant, Hayden, in the anchor chair. The sparks fly in all directions when another news station gets wind of the missing anchor story, the producer’s wife gets fed up with her marriage, and people’s true feelings for their fellow workers are revealed.

This is a fun, funny story, but the best thing about it, as with all Rene Gutteridge’s books, is that it makes you think. You will think about how—or if—you share your faith with non-Christians. Is sharing your faith in the workplace taboo? Should it be? This book is well worth your time. I highly recommend it.

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Tracy Ruckman said...

I second your recommendation - this book is hysterical!! I couldn't put it down until I finished, and I'm still talking about it to whoever will listen a week later. Can't wait til Snitch is released!