Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Whose Country Is It Anyway?

Sorry, but I'm deviating from my normal format of posting reviews and writing about the writing life. I'm disturbed by this new book, The Reluctant Fundamentalist by a Pakistani guy. Just from what I read about the book, it sounds very anti-American. So why would Barnes & Noble recommend it to me, featuring it on their "We recommend this book" e-mail?

I don't advocate banning a book like this, but don't expect me to say, "Rah-rah! Let's hear it for the anti-American voices! Let's buy this book and let the fundamentalists know they can come kill us some more. We like it!" Whose country is it, anyway? I mean, do we stand for anything? Do we have a purpose as a nation besides seeing how much wealth we, individually, can accumulate? Do we care SO LITTLE about God, about morality, about protecting the innocent, such as the people who were senselessly killed on 9/11?

Do we really want to destroy ourselves from the inside out?


Kim S. said...

YOU GO, GIRL! Wow, Melanie, I SO support what you've said here. With a husband who serves in the military, maybe I'm a little more sensitive than most about the "freedom to bash America" included in "free speech." (My personal thought is, if it doesn't benefit anybody, shut up. lol) Thank you for saying so eloquently what I so often think! And I think we should pray for a flame of patriotism and belief in God to reignite in America. Frankly, I'm a little worried about us and our penchant for being "tolerant"...

jp said...

Odd - that after 9/11 there was prayer at public gatherings - even televised - and no one complained! Everyone was so stunned at what had happened to us. I stood there looking at those meetings on T.V., marveling, but thinking "They will forget"....and sure enough, it happened!
Now it's more -"We need to love the terrorists!" O.K. but how about "speak softly" (pray for them) and "carry a big stick" - (let them know we aren't going to let them keep doing it!)?

No - now it's "We're being such bullies!" For some reason people aren't seeing what is really happening! We are NOT in Iraq now to kill people we are there to try to keep the peace so the average citizen (who incidentally - wants it) can live peaceably with their new freedom and eventually be strong enough to defend themselves. It's the insurgents who keep blowing up people! THEY don't want the people to have freedom. If they didn't do that we would have been out of there a long time ago!
We need to put the blame where it belongs!

Chaos-Jamie said...

AMEN! If you hate us so much, get the heck out. Quit using our money to spread your hate! Quit using our publishing houses and our retailers to condemn capitalism! Go, live in your hovel in the desert and let us enjoy the richness of the blessing of God.