Friday, May 11, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Robin Johns Grant, the Queen of Perseverance herself, has tagged me. This means I must tell eight things about myself. And since I like to talk, that shouldn't be too hard. :-)

1. I make the most incredible dessert, Strawberry Almond Torte, with layers of meringue and chocolate, whipped cream and strawberries. Mmmmm. But I only make it during strawberry season.

2. I was meant to be a writer. . .

3. . . . because I grew up just about forty miles from Monroeville, Alabama, hometown of Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird. AND my maiden name was Lee. We probably aren't related, but who knows?

4. And my dad was named after the famous western writer, Zane Grey.

5. I love the middle ages. Ivanhoe was one of my favorite books.

6. I used to teach hearing impaired kids in North Georgia. Then I ran away and became a missionary. :-)

7. There were only 33 people in my high school graduating class.

8. I fainted at my first writers conference. Right there in front of a roomful of almost 400 people. While the emcee, Brandilyn Collins, was talking. When I came to I could hear her praying for me as I lay on the floor! Very weird experience. It was very embarrassing later, but at the time, especially while being taken to the waiting ambulance, I just kept thinking, Boy, I hope I remember how all this feels! I'll surely need to use this in a book some day!

Well, there you have it. Eight not-so-earth-shattering things about me.
Now I must tag eight other people. Hmmm. I don't think I know eight people who have blogs! I tag Jamie, April G, April E, Tracy Ruckman, Mary Connealy. When I think of three more I'll tag them too!


Tracy Ruckman said...
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Tracy Ruckman said...

Yes, we met at that infamous writer's conference where you fainted. I had met you a day or two before, and when the murmur started going around the room about "It's a writer from Alabama..." everyone at my table turned and asked if I knew you!

Since you tagged me, I'll post my answers on my ShoutLife blog, so come visit me!

Tim and I discussed it - we think payment for being tagged should be one of those Strawberry Almond Torte thingys! Yummy!!! Let me know when you can deliver!!!

April Erwin said...

That was fun, thanks for tagging me. My answers are up now at :) AND I actually came up with 8 people to tag that won't hate me for it... I think. :)

Chaos-Jamie said...

My graduating class was 42. I knew there was a reason we got along so well. Small town girls "get it." Well, those of us who aren't "mean girls" anyway.

Robin Johns Grant said...

Now I'm going to be thinking of that fabulous dessert all day!

That infamous conference wasn't two years ago in Nashville, was it? That was my first ACFW conference and I arrived very late. When I did, there was a hubbub because someone had fainted. Hmmm...could it be?

Melanie Dickerson said...

Yep, that was me.

I may have to post that dessert recipe.

Cathy West said...

Melanie, thanks for your encouraging comments. Yes, it's very subjective that's for sure!!
I don't know if that's good or bad really, but I guess it's life. When you are published, there will always be people who won't like what you've written. So yeah, I'm not taking it too seriously. Still plugging away because I know God has a plan!
And after reading your post just now I am starving, thanks!!!

Cathy West said...

Don't know your email, so hope you find this. For what it's worth, I think the forum is a great place to vent. It's been blessed by Admin to do so, and they 'say' no editor or agent has been on the forum, as was someone's last comment, being a warning to us all to 'watch our words;. Well, there we go, Classic Christianity at it's best. Sorry folks, but if I have to 'watch my words', then I'm not being real. If I'm not being real, then I'm not being true to who I am in Christ. And I sure hope that applies to ALL of us.
Yeah, low scores suck. No question! But i guess what I would say is, after a week or so, check out those score sheets again. Hopefully they commented and gave you suggestions as to what they thought didn't work and how to improve...if they didn't, then oh, well. You can discount it. But if they did, that means they actually spent some time on your submission - because they want to help you improve. I got three pages of notes - and that wasn't just someone wanting to be petty and tear me down.
So I would encourage you not to discount the contest entirely, I DO know how you feel. I felt the same the first day after I got my scores back, and really, they weren't horrible. I just didn't final. Big whoop.
Think about, pray about it. You've got a whole year to decide.