Friday, July 27, 2007

ACFW Book Club

I have been remiss. I should have posted sooner about ACFW's online book club, especially since I'm the assistant coordinator. :-)

The book club is a lot of fun, even if I do say so myself. Every month we vote on a new selection. It's always so hard to pick! For August, we are reading Too Good to Be True, by Trish Perry.

We will be reading Too Good to Be True the first two weeks of August, then we'll begin discussing the book. The first Monday evening in September, the author, Trish Perry, will join us for a live online chat.

The chats are great fun. We were all practically rolling on the floor laughing when Mary Connealy chatted with us. Her book, Petticoat Ranch, was a recent selection. We had a blast talking with Mary about all kinds of things, including how she got the idea for her novel, as well as all her new releases.

In the book club, anything related to fiction is fodder for our discussions. But the real fun is finding out others' reactions--and relating our own reactions--to the Christian novels we're reading.

So come on over and join the book club! Click here to join.


Robin Johns Grant said...

I'm glad you reminded us about this. I keep intending to sign up and then it slips my mind. Sounds like fun and a great way to get insight from the book authors.

Tracy Ruckman said...

Excellent, encouraging post on the loop today - thank you for those words. I'm thankful we all have each other for encouragement and prayer!

Blessings my friend!