Monday, September 03, 2007

Christian Medievals at Target!

Exciting news! The first two books of Lisa T. Bergren's medieval series about The Gifted are being prominently displayed in Target stores in their "Breakout Books" section beginning Sept. 4th. This is a great chance for people who like medievals or historical fiction in general to be exposed to true Christian concepts within a thrilling story written by one of Christian publishing's best historical writers.

So if you're in your local Target anytime soon, look for Lisa's books. You might even decide to show your support by buying a copy. Check out my previous post, which is a review of the first book, The Begotten. And don't forget to visit here again on Sept. 10th, when I'll be posting my own interview with the author, Lisa T. Bergren.


Zookeeper Cat said...

Hi Melanie, I've just been catching up with some old, old ACFW course emails going wayyyyy back to the Romantic Suspense course with Margaret Daley. Just wanted to say, I was hooked by your Lord Ranulf outline. I'd read that story!

God bless,

Cathi-Lyn Dyck

Robin Johns Grant said...

What great news! Good for Target. This is also a great sign that medievals are far from dead (as some would like to have us believe). :)