Friday, October 05, 2007

Sanctuary by Molly Noble Bull

This fast-paced historical romance takes place in 1740, in Europe, in a time when anyone who was not Catholic was subject to persecution.

This is the story of Rachel Levin, a Jewish girl whose family fled from Germany only to be persecuted in France. Rachel falls in love with a young French Huguenot, but her family and her fiancĂ© are killed by an evil French army captain. In order to protect Rachel, her fiance’s brother, Pierre Dupre, marries her and they flee the country. But the danger is only beginning, as the cruel army captain determines to find them no matter where they go.

I can say I now know who the Huguenots were. It was interesting to find out something new about the way Christians—and Jews—have been persecuted throughout the centuries, and to remind myself how fortunate we still are to be free to worship as we please here in the U.S. An exciting, fast-paced romance.


Anonymous said...

I run three book club and I'm ALWAYS looking for some really good books to share with my ladies. Thanks for bringing to my attention Molly Noble Bull and the Book Sanctuary. I'm going to check that out.
Please enter me to win.
nora :)

Hope Chastain said...

Please enter me to win, too, thanks!

I've known who the Huegenots were from my childhood (and it really bugs me to hear it pronounced with KNOT on the end! NOT how it's pronounced. It's French, so it's hyu-ggehn-no, like Chevrolet shehv-vroh-lay!) Chastain is shortened from de Chateignier (trust the English to chop a French name down to size :wink:). I'd love to read this. It sounds wonderful!

lollipops said...

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Interesting interview!

Robin Johns Grant said...

This story seems to have some unique twists to it. Sounds interesting.

Janna said...

This is a really great book - I can't wait to read the next one!