Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just Jane by Nancy Moser

I'm reading this WONDERFUL book called Just Jane.

It's a fictionalized account of the life of Jane Austen. Who would have thought it would be so great? I mean, Jane Austen's life, on the surface, seems as though it would have been pretty boring. But Nancy Moser is a skilled writer, and Jane Austen was such an amazing woman. Her books are my absolute favorites of all time. Her work has stood the test of time, and Pride and Prejudice is often hailed as the best romance novel ever written. So imagine my surprise to find out that she wrote for many, many years wondering all the time if she would ever see her books in print. It seemed quite doubtful. One of her books was accepted for publication, then the publisher did nothing with it for six years. Jane waited, then finally wrote him a letter. He refused to publish it, said he never agreed to publish it. The nerve. But I could just imagine (no, don't have to imagine, I know) how Jane felt.

If you have any interest in what life was like for an unmarried woman in the Regency period--and Jane did have several chances to marry, but either she didn't love the man or things didn't work out for other reasons--then you should read this book. Or if you're a Jane Austen fan, like me. Or if you're a writer, feeling the disappointment and/or discouragement of wondering if your books will ever be published. This book encourages me to believe that no dream is wasted, no life is unimportant to God, even if society says, "We don't want you. You're insignificant and unworthy. You didn't play by our rules so we're going to ignore you."

Jane Austen is a hero to me, and even more so after reading this book.


Robin Johns Grant said...

Oh, wow, I have definitely got to read this book. I already know Nancy Moser is good. But I had no idea that Jane Austen dealt with the doubt and the waiting, like I do. As a matter of fact, I'd like to refer my blog readers to this post. Hope that's okay.

Fat Cat said...

This sounds like a great book. I had no idea Jane Austen had so much trouble getting published. Her writing seems so perfect to me that I'd imagined anything she put to paper would have been instantly snatched up.

This should serve as a true inspiration to anyone who has been pursuing a goal for a long time without any visible results. We just have to stay faithful to our goals and God will reward that faithfulness in his own way and in his own time.

I for one, am very glad that Jane Austen kept believing in her God-given talent, and that God finally chose to reward that talent and perseverance so well that she will be remembered through the ages as one of the best writers in history.

Sherrie Ashcraft said...

Sounds like this will be a good book to read. I have to admit, I've never been much of a Jane Austen fan (no, put that rock down! I don't need stoned so early in the morning!) But while my daughter and I were waiting for our plane in Dallas after ACFW, a new friend we'd met there took us to see Becoming Jane. I LOVED that movie! It was the perfect thing to watch on the tails of a writers conference.

April Erwin said...

I haven't seen Becoming Jane yet, but I plan too. I LOVE Jane Austen, so the book by Nancy Moser is going on the top of my TBR list. Great review, Mel. :)

Janna said...

I went and saw Becoming Jane when it hit the theaters too (and I never go to the theater - I'm a dvd gal!) It was really good so I'm sure the book is great as well!

Sally Bradley said...

Yep, the book is great. I had it in a day and a half because I wanted to know how it worked out for her. I cringed a few times, said, "No, Jane, don't do that!" I think for writers it'll be a great read. I'm curious to see what general readers think of it.

Beth Goddard said...

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April Gardner said...

Mel, have you read Nancy Moser's Mozart's Sister? If so, how did they compare? I'd love to read this book, but found Mozart's Sister to be very slow. It was mostly narrative. Did she write Just Jane in the same style?
Oh and is your email address still the bellsouth address? I just got an email returned from there.

Martha A. said...

I am looking forward to reading this book as a big Jane Austen fan, it is hard to imagine her not being published