Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Rogue's Redemption by Ruth Axtell Morren

Hi! I'm sorry you've had trouble finding all the scavenger hunt answers. The truth is, Roseanne, whose idea this was, went into labor a little early and had her baby, (a healthy boy, hooray!) and therefore didn't finish getting all the ducks in a row, so to speak. But don't worry. She promises to get it all straightened out, and the scavenger hunt will go on, and someone will win the books! So stay tuned and I'll let you know what's going on as soon as I have more information. Thanks for your patience! Meanwhile, here's a review of one of the books to be given away.

If you love romance that’s truly heart-tugging, you’ll love this brand new book from Ruth Axtell Morren. I was captured by the sparkling dialogue from the very beginning, between the heroine, American girl, Hester Leighton, on her first trip to Europe, and the handsome Major Gerrit Hawkes, the jaded younger son of nobility. For the first time, Gerrit is seeing his culture and acquaintances through the eyes of the ultra religious, innocent, na├»ve American. He sees himself, too, and doesn’t like what he sees—a man guilty of every vice and sin. Even as he vows to stay away from her, to protect her from himself, he is too drawn to her to keep his promise to himself. For her sake, his behavior becomes that of a true gentleman--at least when she's around.

As the story progressed, and as the two needed each other more and more, this book just got better and better. I think anyone would enjoy getting into the mind of Gerrit Hawkes and following him through his progression from “rogue” to “redeemed.” I highly recommend this book.


Robin Johns Grant said...

I've been too lazy to start the scavenger hunt yet, so this is good news to me! A reprieve. The book sounds good, too. What country is it set in?

Gramma said...

Hmmm, It's late and I can't find Rafe. However, the post said leave a comment to win Rafe, so I guess I'll leave the comment here. I love your blog.

Jean Kincaid

ForstRose said...

I'd like to be entered to in the drawing for Taming Rafe.


Tracy Ruckman said...

I'm here for Taming Rafe too.

I haven't been able to attend the ACFW conference for a couple of years, but I've purchased the CDs and the classes that Susan teaches are AWESOME!!! I learn so much from her.

Carrie Turansky said...

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for reviewing books! I enjoy reading your comments and it sounds like we have similar taste in reading. : )

Please enter my name in your drawing.

Anonymous said...

Please enter my name in any drawings you are having.


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