Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gunfight at Grace Gulch

The premise behind Gunfight at Grace Gulch by Darlene Franklin is quite intriguing. A feud began in 1891 between the Graces and the Gaynors, which continues, at least in the hearts of some of the descendants, to this day. So when the newspaper editor is murdered during a reenactment of a famous gunfight, a mystery is born.

The heroine of the novel, Cici Wilde, is the owner of a vintage clothing store in Grace Gulch. She is being romanced by theater director Audie Howe, as well as one of the suspects in the murder, her long-time friend, Cord Grace. Lots of revelations and fun twists.

If you like cozy mysteries with a touch of light romance, you should enjoy this one from Heartsong Presents Mysteries and Darlene Franklin. To join the HP Mysteries book club, simply go here and you will receive four books every month. To order Gunfight at Grace Gulch, call the publisher at 1-740-922-7280.


Darlene Franklin said...

Thanks for your kind words, Melanie!

Robin Johns Grant said...

I love this premise. Sounds like fun.