Monday, August 25, 2008

Before the Season Ends

I was intrigued when I heard about this book by Linore Rose Burkard. She self-published this Christian Regency Romance and somehow it caught the attention of an editor at Harvest House, and now they are releasing it in December. I've never heard of this happening--a self-published Christian fiction book "making it" to be published by a big-name Christian publisher. To see the Harvest House cover and description, click here.
To see the self-published cover, which is quite beautiful and captures the spirit of the heroine, click here.

In September I will interview the author here on my blog and will ask her how that happened. Now here is my review of this excellent story.

Do you like a funny, exciting plot and quirky, memorable characters reminiscent of Jane Austen? If so, you’ll love this story, Before the Season Ends, by Linore Rose Burkard.

Miss Ariana Forsythe, a nineteen-year-old beauty, is being packed off to her wealthy aunt’s home in London to escape an unsuitable match in her little hamlet of Chesterton. Ariana, excited about this new adventure, is also wary of the lack of morality she’s afraid of meeting with in fashionable London. She must guard herself against all the blackguards and rakes, especially the infamous Mr. Phillip Mornay.

Ariana is a delightful heroine, artless and funny and worthy of her sparring partner, Mr. Mornay. The two of them are so good together, I couldn’t help being reminded of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. The story zips along and never fails to entertain and delight. The author, moreover, has obviously done her research, and the whole thing is full of authentic speech and clothing and descriptions, enough to make you feel you are right there in Regency England.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Regency romance from beginning to end. It’s exactly the kind of story I like to read but rarely ever find. Funny, touching, romantic--I highly recommend it.

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Robin Johns Grant said...

Good for this author!! I love hearing stories like this, where people have found a way around "the system." The book sounds awesome.