Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nick Harrison, Senior Editor at Harvest House

Nick Harrison of Harvest House publishers graciously agreed to answer a few questions for me about Linore Rose Burkhard's book, Before the Season Ends. (Scroll down to see Linore's interview.) I believe his answers will be of interest to all historical writers. So here's Nick Harrison.

1. How did Linore Rose Burkard's book, Before the Season Ends, first come to your attention? What made you decide to acquire it for Harvest House?

To be honest, I’m not really sure I remember. I may have been googling “Christian Regency novels” or something like that. I review so many manuscripts and proposals, it’s really hard to remember how they originally came to us. I’m pretty sure I found Linore on the internet though.

2. Have you acquired other self-published books? If so, how did you those books come to your attention?

Yes, we’ve done several. We acquired Melanie Jeschke’s Inklings and went on to publish two more books by her. Another self-published novel was The Gate Seldom Found by Raymond Reid. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. And particularly when a self-published novelist shows us their novel has sold well with just their modest efforts at promotion, that rouses our interest.

3. Do you foresee Regency romance becoming a new trend in Chrisitan fiction?

I hope so. We’re giving it our best shot with Linore’s book….and a sequel she’s working on right now.

4. Is Harvest House looking to publish more of these books in the future?

The verdict on Regency novels won’t be in until we see how Linore’s books do. But right now we do see a strong trend toward historical romance novels which we think will be with us for awhile. Certainly the success of the Amish novels confirms that. We have recently taken on two previously self-published novels in that genre, in fact. They sold well for the author and we think we can expand on his previous success by getting the books even more exposure.


Tracy Ruckman said...

Interesting interview! Thanks for sharing this story.

Termagant 2 said...

Great news! As a reader, I'm certainly looking forward to more historicals set OUTSIDE the US/nineteenth century!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Melanie, it's me, Linore! Just wanted to mention, since you've got Nick's interview up, you might want to link to the HHP edition on Amazon! (Instead of the self-published, one.)
Thanks for posting,


Linore Rose Burkard said...

Sorry, pressed the wrong button, I'm not anonymous!

Robin Johns Grant said...

I'm so impressed you got this interview, Melanie. And what encouraging news to hear about these self-published novels being picked up by Harvest House.

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Great interview, Melanie. And an interesting story about Linore's book. Sounds as if it's going to catch a lot of readers' eyes.

Golden Keyes Parsons said...

Great interview, Melanie. I would like to see more interviews with editors and agents. Hmmm, think I might do that myself!