Friday, March 28, 2008

Seasons of Love by Elizabeth Goddard

Riley O’Hare is ready to get away from her ex-boyfriend, who still wants to be her boyfriend, and away from corporate ladder-climbing. So when her brother dies, leaving her guardian of her two-year-old nephew, and her grandfather asks her to move back to the East Coast to help with the family farm, Riley leaves California forever.

Riley’s brother’s business partner, Zane Baldwyn, is in trouble. His company will never survive without his partner, unless Zane can find the answers to the mysteries left behind by John’s unexpected death. Riley seems to be the key, but she doesn’t know it yet. Could he ever be content to give up his ambitions and help Riley with the farm?

I enjoyed this book. The mystery and suspense really drew me in, and I liked the main characters. They were very real and I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next. I usually don’t like short novels, but this one was definitely worth reading. I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kim Sawyer and Laurie Alice Eakes Go Home with ....


Stormi has won both books, My Heart Remembers and Better Than Gold. Congratulations, Stormi. And I'm sorry I'm a day late with my drawing. :-( I seem to be forgetting a lot of things lately, but since I have so much going on, I'm remembering more things than I'm forgetting. That counts for something, right?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Better Than Gold

This past week, Laurie Alice Eakes talked a good bit about her writing on four other blogs, including Susan Lohrer's blog, but now I have an interview with her with some more personal questions. Here is the answer to a question that was asked on Susan Lohrer's blog. For another chance to win her book, Better Than Gold, follow the links from there.

On the positive side, much tighter stories, less superfluous detail.
On the negative side, as I mentioned with Marylu's questions for me, too much dialogue that says too much or conveys too little.
And I wish publishers would reissue the, to their authors. Some real amazing sentence meanings come out with those missing commas.

Now let's talk about Laurie Alice.

1. What do you do when you're not writing?

My husband is in law school at Georgetown University in DC, so I have picked up the household chores pretty completely, except he vacuums. That means I shop, run other errands, cook, clean... It's all terribly time-consuming, and I'm always making up scenes in my head while doing it, so the time isn't wasted from the writing.

2. Do you have any children?

Only the four-footed variety. Right now, we have one dog, my husband's Guide Dog, Bess, a precious black lab, and two kittens who are rapidly turning into cats. They're siblings, a brother and sister. Half Siamese. The male looks like a Siamese, and the female is a dilute calico. They have been the most incredible blessing. One is on my lap even as I write this. We would like children, but will have to adopt, so that's a post law school project. Priority, actually.

3. Tell us about your family. Did they influence your writing at all?

I'm quite sure they did. Books are a huge part of our family. My eldest sister and her eldest daughter run a private children's library in southwest Virginia. Last count, they had over eight thousand books in their collection.

All my life, my parents read to us. Babysitters read to us. I was teasing my cousin recently, when I discovered that we only read fifteen of the 37 or so Trixie Beldon books. I told her she had better get reading to catch up.

We also took many excursions to the library, so I read myself from a pretty young age. When I ran out of books, I would make up my own stories and wrote them down until my sister found one one day and read it to her covey of boyfriends. I was mortified and destroyed what I wrote nearly as soon as I finished it.

4. What do you do for fun?

Read stuff I don't write like contemporary women's fiction, cozy mysteries, literary novels. I also am getting back into singing recently. When we can, my husband I like to go for long walks, and we like finding new restaurants that aren't chains. Too many of the really great, hole-in-the-wall ones have closed around here because rent is so high. It's frustrating.

5. If you weren't a writer, what would you be?

I'd be a counselor. Sometimes, I still consider going back to school to become a licensed clinical social worker. The world holds a great deal of pain, and I'd like a practical way to alleviate some of it. On the other end of the scale, I've thought about getting into public policy and politics, but that's probably just from drinking the water so close to DC.

6. What is your greatest triumph in the past year?

That's easy: Winning the National Reader's Choice Award for Family Guardian. To final astounded me. To actually win still stuns me. It was a total God thing. No way could I have won without His intervention.

Sorry I was late posting this! I hope the other bloggers will forgive me! Happy Resurrection Sunday, everyone!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two Book Giveaways and Oops!

Okay, I realize now that my last blog post was confusing. Everyone thought I was giving away Kim Sawyer's new book! Actually, the book giveaway was for Laurie Alice Eakes's new book, but I kind of tacked that little info onto the end of my review of Kim's book, My Heart Remembers, so everyone thought I was giving her book away! But never fear! I've decided to give away both books! So one lucky winner will get them both.

At the top of this blog post is the cover of Laurie Alice Eakes's new book, Better Than Gold. And to see My Heart Remembers by Kim Vogel Sawyer, scroll down to the last blog post.

So leave a comment and you may win them both!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Heart Remembers and book giveaway

Hey, guys. Here's a review of Kim Vogel's Sawyer's newest book, My Heart Remembers, a really awesome story.

Maelle Gallagher and her little brother, Mattie and baby sister, Molly have just been orphaned in a tenement fire. As recent immigrants from Ireland, they’re put on an “orphan train” and sent west to Missouri to find new parents and a new home. As the oldest, Maelle had been charged by her father to “look after the wee ones.” Maelle does her best, but her little siblings are literally torn from her arms by the separate families who adopt them. But Maelle will never forget them and will never stop searching for the only family she has ever known.

This is another heart-tugging story from best-selling author, Kim Vogel Sawyer. It bounces from Maelle to Mattie to Molly and tells their plights. Each story has its own conflict as they all three come together at the end. It’s great entertainment, very touching, and fans of Mrs. Sawyer will devour it. I’m only hoping there’s a sequel, because I really loved the character, Matt, and I want to read a romance with him as the hero!

Even though this isn’t necessarily a romance, there is some happily-ever-after kind of stuff. I highly recommend it.

Please leave a comment tonight and any day this week for a chance to win a copy of Laurie Alice Eakes's new book, Better Than Gold. On Friday I'll post an interview with Laurie Alice and then on Monday, I'll announce the winner.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wedding Bell Blues and trying to please

It ain't easy trying to please everybody all the time.

We all know this. I know I do. A few times I've read a book I really enjoyed and went to Amazon to post my review and found a few negative reviews there. Someone objected to something in the book so strongly that they ripped it apart, flinging some really harsh mud in the process. I've heard so many times from published authors that once you're published, you WILL get angry letters from disgruntled readers. Someone will find something that pushed their buttons and made them spit-fire mad. You can't avoid it no matter how much you might try to.

So when Linda Windsor asked for bloggers to get the word out about her book, Wedding Bell Blues,

I decided to publish her apology here. I have personally met her, when she did a critique for me at the 2005 ACFW conference, and she was as sweet and kind a person as I've ever met. But some errors that she had tried to edit out of her book somehow got left in. She and the publisher were under a tight time constraint and the editing somehow fell through the cracks. So here is her apology.

From author Linda Windsor. My heartfelt APOLOGIES regarding Wedding Bell Blues. I had two regrettable errors in this publication that, when called to my attention, I didn't at first believe it.
I didn't remember my hero having a Rhett Butler moment when he said "D_mn, I still love you, Alex."
And while I'd written unsaved character Sue Ann exclaiming, "Oh my g_wd!" with the intent of convicting Sue Ann of its blasphemy in her own book #4, I changed her mind after discussing it with my editor and deleted those occurences rather than offend anyone. Well, I missed one. The GOOD NEWS is that these have been removed from future printings and book club issues.
To anyone who read Wedding Bell Blues and was offended, my humble apologies. I'd written this book after my husband died and during those months of brain fog, I almost stopped writing because it was so hard to put coherent thought together. Then I turned it in months late, which put my publisher in a bind as far as getting the usual multiple editings. This was the result. Granted, I must have written these blunders or they would not have been there. For that, I can only ask for your forgiveness and understanding.

A sincere apology from a very classy lady. So if you buy the book and it has the above cover, I believe those errors will have been edited out.

Here is the cover of Linda's newest book, For Pete's Sake.

Go check them out at your library or book store, or click on the link above to go to