Monday, February 23, 2009

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court

I am so happy to be participating in this blog tour for the book, Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court by Chuck Black!

This book is probably considered to be in the Young Adult genre, but my 10-yr-old and I are reading it together and we both love it. The library here has Chuck Black's first series, the Kingdom series, which is also about the knights of Arrethtrae. Dave Jackson calls it "A Pilgrim's Progress for the Xbox generation!"

I'm giving away a copy of Sir Bentley, so if you'd like to be in the drawing, leave a comment.

One reason I'm so happy to be promoting this book on my blog is because the selection of Christian books for middle graders and teens seems really limited--or sub-par. And I really hate to say that, but my daughter just is usually not at all intrigued by the Christian books I've bought her in the past. She's a voracious reader, so I worry that she's going to run out of decent books in the library. I know as she gets older this will be more and more of a problem.

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court is the second book in the Knights of Arrethtrae series. It's a fantasy/speculative type of book with a definite medieval flair, similar to the Narnia books in that it is sort of a parallel to the Christ story. In the story, Sir Bentley has just been knighted. But he follows his conscience and refuses to kill innocent people just because they follow a man who claims to be the Son of the King. He has to flee his home when he stands up to one of the knights in charge. It's a great adventure as he learns what it means to be a Follower of the Prince. He eventually teams up with a woman who also wants to help the oppressed people of Holbrook.

Every night that I read this to my daughter, after I stop, she always begs me to keep reading--One more page! One more paragraph! One more sentence! She's really enjoying it! I highly recommend it to children and parents. Leave a comment if you'd like to be included in the drawing.

P.S. I was so excited about this book that I forgot to announce a winner of Outlaw Marshall! The winner is ... lisa!!! Congratulations!


The Write Life said...

This sounds like a wonderful book Melanie! I'd love to be entered in the drawing.


Robin Johns Grant said...

I'm also glad to hear about this book for middle graders. I'm a librarian and was just reading about some of the books that draw complaints when they're in libraries, and there is some awful stuff out there, supposedly written for kids.

Rose McCauley said...

sounds like a book I'd love to share with my 10 years old next week grand-daughter! thanks for introducing us to such a wide variety of good reading! rose

Donna said...

I agree with you about books for the teens. My son loves to read and I too worry about what he is going to find to read next. I would love to win this book for him.
runninmama at sbcglobal dot net

rebornbutterfly said...

Sound like a great book. i love pilgrims progress!

Lorraine said...

I love science fiction books, but I haven't tried these. Count me in!

lowurtz at gmail dot com

Keli Gwyn said...


I wanted to let you know that I've given your site the Your Blog is Fabulous! award. You can see my post at


Bethany said...

I would love to have this book for my 12 year old son. He has gone through all the Hardy Boys, 3 Investigators...all the good oldies. But we haven't found anything for him to read beyond those that are any good, and have really been wanting to find a good Christian series. This book sounds very interesting, especially given the parallel to Chronicles of Narnia, which he is reading again right now!
Please enter me, and thank you for the giveaway.