Thursday, March 05, 2009

Gallimore by Michelle Griep

You know how much I like to recommend the out-of-the-ordinary, so here’s another one. I’m not one for time travel stories, but I loved this medieval/modern-day story. The knight-hero in the story is so realistic, and I loved the romance between Colwyn and the contemporary heroine, Jessica Neale.

Jessica Neale is done with love. God let her husband die in a terrible car accident and she’s basically given up on things like happiness and love and hope. But one night while on a vacation to England, she sustains a blow to the head in a storm and wakes up in a strange place where everyone apparently belongs to some medieval fair in which they dress and act like people from the fourteenth century. She wants out of this elaborately staged play, especially when she ends up clapped in the stocks in the public square.

Colwyn, knight of Gallimore, must come to her aid several times, against his own wishes at first, but he soon thinks she may be telling the truth. She might really be from the future. She’s also the feistiest and prettiest woman he’s ever met, and he realizes he can’t leave her without a champion in a strange and dangerous world.

Jessica and Colwyn’s adventures in and around the Castle Gallimore are entertaining and poignant, as the heroine learns that God isn’t finished with her yet, and she isn’t finished with life—or love. I highly recommend this unusual romance set in medieval England.


sherrinda said...

I haven't seen any Christian time travel books out. It looks intriguing. Have you heard of any more?

Melanie Dickerson said...

Hi, Sherrinda. This is definitely a Christian book, but it was published by a small independent publisher, Black Lyon. I hate to say it, but Christian publishers only want certain types of stories (prairie romance, Amish-Mennonite stories, etc.) and anything out of the norm is going to have a hard time finding a publisher. I found this out the hard way.

The closest thing to a Christian time travel that I know of is Sharon Hinck's The Restorer. That's the first book in a series, and it's very good. The second book, The Restorer's Son, is also very good.

There is a new Christian publisher that is publishing things like time travel and speculative, called Marcher Lord Press

MG said...

Hey Sherrinda ~ I can think of one other Christian time travel that I read by T.L.Higley called Fallen From Babel. It goes back to ancient times.

And Melanie...thanks so much for your kind words!

sherrinda said...

Thanks Melanie, I will have to check those publishers out. I am writing my first novel--medieval. Have you read any of Lynn Kurland's books? They are pretty clean and she does a great job with time travel. I thought about doing mine as a time travel, but didn't think that would fly in the Christian arena. I began this novel thinking I would not make it "Christian", but it seems my faith keeps coming through, so I am going to go back and add more faith elements in the beginning. It is hard, this first book of mine, but I am having a blast!

Thanks for all the the blog!

remnant reminscences said...

"I hate to say it, but Christian publishers only want certain types of stories (prairie romance, Amish-Mennonite stories, etc."

That's too bad. Those Amish-Mennonite stories are kinda beginning to sound like a broken record. Too much of one thing. And I'm not saying that in hertiage comes from the anabaptist group. I am from one of those groups. I'm very familiar with the history and livesytle.


Robin Johns Grant said...

Sherrinda, there are a number of Christian time-travel books. Randy Ingermansan has several (I think they're called something like the City of God series, and one of the titles may be Transgression.) Nancy Moser has two, Time Lottery and its sequel. There's an old Og Mandino book called The Christ Commission. As long as it's handled properly I think time travel works in a Christian novel.

This particular novel, Melanie, sounds sort of like a Christian version of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Those would be wonderful books if there weren't so much graphic (sometimes rather perverted) sex. So this one might be a good substitute.

sherrinda said...

Thanks Robin, for the books you suggested. My TBR pile is growing by leaps and bounds. (I peeked at your new blog and am looking forward to hearing more from you!)

amydetrempe said...

I am thrilled to learn there are Christian time travel books. I hadn't heard of any until this blog. Thanks for the information.