Saturday, May 30, 2009

Win Enduring Justice by Amy Wallace

I'm way behind on posting about this book! It's a spine-tingling suspense novel by Amy Wallace, and I have an extra copy to give away! To be honest, I haven't read it, but I will share with you some reviews by some of your favorite suspense authors:

Enduring Justice is a dynamic and powerful installment to the Defenders of Hope series. Amy Wallace has crafted an engaging, tense story of racial hate, repressed pain, and redeemed lives. Enduring Justice is a great read!”
–Mark Mynheir, homicide detective and author of The Night Watchman

“In Enduring Justice, Amy Wallace has done what few writers can. She’s given us a realistic portrayal of life, while finding hope in the despair. Pay attention to this one. She’ll be around for a long time to come.”
–Brandt Dodson, author of White Soul and Daniel’s Den

“Amy Wallace writes spine-tingling prose. Prepare for plenty of adrenaline spikes as Enduring Justice races relentlessly from crisis to crisis. Wallace seamlessly blends the characters’ personal triumphs and tragedies with a time bomb of a domestic terrorist plot that threatens the core liberties of the nation.”
–Jill Elizabeth Nelson, author of Reluctant Burglar and Evidence of Murder

“If you love breath-stealing suspense, unforgettable characters, and remarkable spiritual depth in your fiction, Enduring Justice is a book to savor. Amy Wallace is at her best with this poignant, grace-filled addition to her deeply satisfying Defenders of Hope Series.”
–Claudia Mair Burney, author of Wounded: A Love Story

“Amy Wallace packs an emotional punch in her new novel, Enduring Justice. She deftly confronts the shame and horror of child abuse by opening up the bruised psyches of its victims. Yet she also finds a way to take readers inside the emotional struggles of FBI agents sworn to bring the perpetrators of this most shameful act to justice. Wallace has penned an unforgettable novel that won’t soon be forgotten.”
–Nancy Mehl, author of Cozy in Kansas

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amish Love - Hotter than an Alabama Summer

Forgive me, I couldn't resist that headline! LOL! Anyway, whether you particularly like Amish stories or not, they're really hot right now. Here's some information about the Amish craze.

What’s all the hubbub about Amish fiction? Major media outlets like Time and ABC Nightline are covering it, and authors like Cindy Woodsmall are making the New York Times bestseller list regularly. What makes these books so interesting?

Check out the recent ABC Nightline piece about Cindy and her titles When the Heart Cries, When the Morning Comes, and When the Soul Mends. It’s an intriguing look at Amish culture and the time Cindy has spent with Amish friends.

And don’t forget that Cindy’s new book The Hope of Refuge hits store shelves August 11, and is available for preorder now.

Personally, I don't really like the Amish stories, but I'm definitely in the minority. They're the big bestsellers. What's your opinion? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know what you think about the Amish craze.

Friday, May 22, 2009


The winner of The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived is ...
Robin Johns Grant!

And the winner of The House in Grosvenor Square is ...

Congratulations to these winners!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Giving Away The House in Grosvenor Square!

I'm so excited! I got another copy of The House in Grosvenor Square by Linore Rose Burkard, so I can give one away here! Someone is so lucky!!! This is a fabulous book. If you'd like to read my review, click here.

If you'd like to listen to an interview with the author, click here. Just scroll down a little bit to find the interview.

I decided to give you a partial exerpt from the first chapter. If you've read the first book, I know you're already salivating to read this one. Anyway, here it is, part of the first chapter.
Mayfair, London: 1813
"Inexplicable." There was no other word for Mr. Mornay's behaviour to her that morning,and Ariana Forsythe could think of naught else unless it changed. Soon.

She looked at him challengingly, where he sat across from her in his expensive, plush black coach. Faultlessly handsome, Phillip Mornay was dressed stylishly in a twin-tailed frock coat, buff pantaloons and polished black boots. His beautifully tied cravat puffed lightly out from an embroidered white waistcoat, and his dark hair and famously handsome features were framed by a top hat. Everything he wore looked new, his clothing always did; and yet he might have worn it a dozen times, so comfortable did he appear in his attire. But he had barely looked at Ariana for more than a fleeting second since he had come for her
this morning, and it was beginning to grate on her nerves. She had to think of something to say.

"Tomorrow is the day I shall see the full of your house, is it not?" She had been in Mr. Mornay's
house in Grosvenor Square before, but this time she and Aunt Bentley were to get a tour, top to
bottom, so she would feel more at home after the wedding. She and Mr. Mornay were betrothed to be
married in two weeks.

The dark eyes flicked at her, and she felt a fleeting twinge of satisfaction.
"It is."

She wanted to hold his attention, and began a smile, but he looked away, abruptly. What could be wrong? Mr. Mornay often studied her when they were together; she was so used to finding the dark-eyed warm gaze upon her, in fact, that she felt somewhat abandoned to be deprived of it, now. Had she done something to displease him? When he usually attended to her so deeply as though he could read into her soul?

They were on their way to the London Orphan Society, in Mr. Mornay's upholstered coach and- four, with its fashionable high-steppers and liveried footmen on back, to attend a special service at the Society's Chapel. A lady was giving a dramatic reading from Scripture; a most celebrated dramatic reading. Ariana and Mr. Mornay had received invitations for the event, with encouragement to invite anyone of their acquaintance. Thus, there were also four other occupants in the carriage this morning, and seating was snug.

On either side of Ariana was a relation. Her younger sister, Beatrice, just turned twelve, was to her left, and her aunt and chaperon for the season, Mrs. Agatha Bentley, sat on her right. The ladies faced the gentlemen sitting across from them; first, Mr. Peter O'Brien, a future cleric, at Beatrice's particular request; then Ariana's future husband, Mr. Mornay, silent and unapproachable, and finally, the agreeable Mr. Pellham, her aunt's betrothed. (She and her aunt were betrothed at the same time. A most fortuitous turn of events; Ariana ought to have been in raptures of joy.) But unless Mr. Mornay's demeanour changed, Ariana could not enjoy herself. His inattentiveness was such a contrast to his usual behaviour that it was impossible for her to ignore it, or shrug it off as mere ill humour.
It seemed ironic now that when all had been uncertain about the wedding, (when Ariana had held out against her desire to marry Mr. Mornay because she would only marry a man who could share her spiritual life in God,) that up to then, his love and affection were painfully clear. And now, after Mr. Mornay had undergone a stark change in his religion; that is, when he came to believe in a personal, loving God, and the betrothal was settled, suddenly he was behaving as though he wished it were not.

Sitting across from her, he should have been engaging her with his usual intent gaze, smiling slightly at her remarks when she amused him or spoke to others; instead, he sat staring out the window (a thing he never did) and appeared to be morosely preoccupied in his own thoughts. It pricked against her nerves. She would bring him out of this brown study if it took all her ingenuity!

And then he suddenly turned and spoke: "Did I mention I shall be occupied for the rest of the day? After leaving you at your house, following the morning's service?"

Her large, tan eyes sparkled into bluish-green as they tended to do whenever her feelings were stirred. "No, sir; you mentioned nothing to me." She gave him a look laden with perplexity, which
he responded to only with a brief, "Haven't I? Well, I've done, now."

Oh, dear. He is utterly not himself! Or has he taken a disgust of me?
The carriage fell silent. Mr. Mornay had thick, dark hair which tapered to the tip of his collar; short, dark sideburns, and handsome, strong-boned features. His eyes were deep, dark, and expressive, and his manner of dress, the height of manly perfection. Though he would not deign to discuss good style, he had a faultless sense of it, and many an aspiring buck or beau modeled their choice of attire after his. Like Ariana, his neatness appeared effortless. And he was universally approved of in the best houses, (save for those of the staunchest Whigs, who had still not forgiven Prinny or his pals, of which Mr. Mornay was one, for abandoning them for the Tories).
Even Ariana, who had little patience for matters of dress, found herself in awe of his presence at times. All told, he was an imposing character; a man one did not ignore or take lightly. Ariana was not happy with his tone of address, nor that she would not be seeing him after the morning service, ...

End of exerpt. Leave a comment if you'd like to be in the drawing for this book. I still haven't given away The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, so if you'd like to throw your name in the hat for that one, scroll down and leave a comment on the last post. Thanks!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived by Steven K. Scott

I have been sooooo remiss! I was supposed to blog about this book in March! Anyway, better late than never! I'm giving away a copy, so leave a comment if you want to be included in the drawing.

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived: Secrets for Unparalleled Success and Unshakable Happiness from the Life of Jesus is told from the point of view of the author, Steven K. Scott, who once felt like a complete failure but is now a very rich, very successful businessman. It has some great points about how Jesus impacts our personal and professional lives. Here is a summary:

Steven K. Scott’s life changed forever one night in 1964, when he was first introduced to the man he came to know as “the homeless carpenter.” Since that fateful night, Scott has drawn on the teachings and the powerful lessons he learned from the way that Jesus lived his life to help create two dozen businesses that have generated billions of dollars in revenue. His success, he claims, is due in large measure to the eternal lessons he learned from the “homeless carpenter”—the greatest mentor in his life. Among the principles he learned:

The importance of identifying—and strengthening—the “whys” that drive our sense of purpose;
Discovering and mastering the seven keys that made Jesus the greatest communicator of all time;
Recognizing that the manner and methods we use to reach out to others are as important as our message.

Filled with stories about how Scott practiced and used the teachings and insights of Jesus in his own career and personal life and in raising and supporting his family, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived will open a new door into what it means to live a life of extraordinary accomplishment and purpose in everything that you do.

Leave a comment if you'd like to win this book!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Passion Denied by Julie Lessman

Here's a great summer read for you! If you've read the first two books of this series, I don't have to tell you that the third book is out--you were counting the days! But for everyone else, here's my review of the marvelous last book, and I hope it inspires you to get the first one, A Passion Most Pure.

Beth O’Connor is now all grown up, with a modern, roaring ‘20’s haircut and a new name—she now wants to be called Lizzie. But one thing hasn’t changed. She’s still in love with her spiritual mentor, John Brady. But what’s eating John Brady?

Brady has always held Beth—or Lizzie, as he still avoids calling her—at arm’s length, even though he knows she’s had a crush on him for four years. At the same time, he loves being with her and can’t imagine life without her. When Beth’s sisters, Faith and Charity, cook up a plan to test Brady’s resistance, things really heat up. And when Brady’s twin brother shows up, life gets even more interesting. I can’t tell you much more than that, because I don’t want to ruin all the surprises. But if you’re looking for an entertaining read, you won’t be disappointed!

This story is full of twists and turns. We also get to continue to follow the love stories of Beth’s older sisters, Faith and Charity and their husbands, Collin and Mitch, as well as Patrick and Marcy, the parents. This story also addresses the difficulty most, if not all, young Christians face: How to deal with the very real feelings of passion and desire that can fill a person with shame and regret. What does God want us to do with those feelings? How are we to deal with them outside of marriage? This book, I believe, will really minister to young people who naturally deal with these thoughts. And it also gives married people an interesting look at what a “real” marriage looks like—at least in the case of the passionately loving O’Connor family! I loved this whole Daughters of Boston series and I highly recommend it.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mother's Day--Do you have a gift yet?

Mother's Day is almost here! And I have a couple of books that would make good gifts. The first is called Dear Mom: Everything Your Teenage Daughter Wants You to Know but will Never Tell You

by Melody Carlson

I'm looking forward to reading this book myself. My daughter is ten, soon to be eleven, so I'm going to need this very soon!!! Here are a couple of reviews of Dear Mom.
“What a valuable treasure chest of insights into the mind of a teenage girl! This carefully crafted book is a must-read for any mom who desires to see her relationship with her teenage daughter move past the volley of words that pass between them and move into a new season where they can be joined at the heart. Thank you, Melody, for this superb handbook that gives us a glimpse into the teenage mind and equips us with understanding.”
–Robin Jones Gunn, best-selling author of the Christy Miller series and the Sisterchicks novels

“You think this is a book? It’s really a bridge–no, a cord!–that will connect moms and daughters in a way to get through those turbulent teen years. Read it and reap!”
–Dr. Kevin Leman, best-selling author of Have a New Kid by Friday and Running the Rapids

And here's another great Mother's Day book, Mama's Got a Fake I.D.: How to Reveal the Real You Behind All that Mom by Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira.

This book has had a LOT of great reviews, both from famous people and from ordinary people, which is probably more important! Here are a few of the famous ones.
“Caryn Rivideniera is a real mom. With refreshing honesty, she casts vision and shares a perspective that every mom needs. If you've ever felt like you've lost yourself in the midst of raising a family, this book will help you find yourself again!”
– Jill Savage, mother of five, founder and CEO of Hearts at Home

“Caryn writes with humble and heartfelt authenticity, understanding the mixed emotions of motherhood. She unfolds a new and deep perspective for what it means to understand our real identity in Christ and why this is imperative to our lives as we navigate our passions and the potential to imprint our communities with God’s hand.”
– Dr. Liz Selzer, director of leadership development and events for MOPS International and executive editor of FullFill magazine

“Finally, a book to shatter stereotypes that shackle moms! Caryn honors motherhood while challenging moms not to lose their unique personhood in this overwhelming stage of life. As a woman who has experienced this identity crisis myself, I'm grateful to Caryn for creating an insightful and much-needed book with the potential to empower moms to become all God designed them to be.”
–Dr. Sue Edwards, assistant professor of Christian education at Dallas Theological Seminary

So if either of these tickle your fancy, click the book cover and get a rush order, or head out to the bookstore and buy something mom will enjoy.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Bride of Honor by Ruth Axtell Morren

Okay, I know I write more than my share of reviews on Ruth Axtell Morren books, but I just can’t get enough of them. This is her latest and it’s more than good, and sooooo romantic. I’m not sure I can do it justice, but here’s my review.

Damian Hathaway is a dignified, kind, quiet, none-too-rich pastor of a church in Regency England and Lindsay Phillips is the beautiful only child of an extremely wealthy man. Lindsay is just having her first “season,” coming of age as a highly desirable heiress among the ton. Damian lives a quiet existence doing good works among the poor, the orphans, and the prisoners. But if this isn’t enough to ensure that they will never mingle socially, Damian, through an accident suffered as a boy, only has one leg and the other is a wooden peg leg.

But these two get together anyway, thanks to our intrepid author! They’re both good-hearted, kind, and interested in letting God have his way in their lives, so why shouldn’t they enjoy each other’s company? Well, maybe because her father will have a conniption fit when he learns why his daughter cannot marry the odious, extremely immoral and distasteful young member of the ton that he has picked out for her. Who would have ever thought the chaste Damian Hathaway would ... no, you'll just have to read it for yourself!

This story is really sweet and not to be missed—that is, if you like romance at all! I was glued to the pages and even had to stay up late to see what was going to happen next. I highly recommend it.

Monday, May 04, 2009

May's New Releases!

Here are the new releases for May, 2009, courtesy of Lynette Eason. Thanks, Lynette!

1. A Bride of Honor byRuth Axtell Morren from Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical. An impoverished preacher from the working class falls in love with a young lady of the London ton and risks all including his reputation to save her honor.

2. A Prairie Romance Collection, by Lynn A. Coleman, Mary Davis, Lena Nelson Dooley, Susan K. Downs, Birdie L. Etchison, Linda Ford, Linda Goodnight, JoAnne A. Grote, Cathy Marie Hake, Judith McCoy Miller, Kathleen Paul, Janet Spaeth

from Barbour Publishing. Relive History On The American Great Plains.

3. Beyond Corista, Shadowside Series - Book 3 by Robert Elmer from Zondervan. In the last book of the trilogy, Oriannon and Sola set out to take the word of Jesmet beyond their planet, but are captured by traders, who hold the girl as a pawn in an interplanetary struggle.

4. Bittersweet Memories by Cecelia Dowdy from Barbour Heartsong Presents. Karen's fiancé has disappeared after embezzling money from their large mega-church; can she learn to love again?

5. Enduring Love, Sydney Cove Series, Book Three by Bonnie Leon from Revell. John and Hannah have lived by faith. When all seems lost they must continue to believe in a God who can do all things.

6. Lethal Lasagna, by Rhonda Gibson from White Rose Publishing. Lethal Lasagna is a cozy romantic mystery.

7.Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana, by Melanie Dobson from Sommerside Press. A Quaker woman risks everything to operate a station on the Underground Railroad in 1850.

8. Rose House, by Tina Ann Forkner from Waterbrook Press. vivid story of a private grief, a secret painting, and one woman's search for hope.

9. So Not Happening, A Charmed Life, book one by Jenny B. Jones from Thomas Nelson. Isabella Kirkwood had it all: popularity at a prestigious private school in Manhattan, the latest fashions, and a life of privilege and luxury. What's a girl to do when God gives you the total smackdown?

10. The Lyons Den , 3rd Book in The Shelton Heights Series by Kendra Norman-Bellamy from Urban Books. With his and his family's life placed in danger by a stalker who only identifies himself as "Dr. A.H. Satan," Stuart Lyons has to somehow maintain his faith in God.

11. Tour de Force, by Beth White from Zondervan. Gilly Kincade, rising star in a premier NYC ballet company, and Birmingham artistic director Jacob Ferrar wrestle with ordering the priorities of building a relationship, pursuing artistic dreams, and serving God.

12. Trail to Justice, by Susan Page Davis from Heartsong Presents. A police dispatcher and a veterinarian compete in a 100-mile horse race for fun, but find intrigue and romance, along with an injured champion and a wrecked airplane.

13. What the Bayou Saw by Patti Lacy from Kregel Publishing. Sally Stevens, Mary's Southern friend in an Irishwoman's Tale, grapples with her own memories, buried beneath the murky waters of a Louisiana bayou.

14. Wild Prairie Roses, by Lena Nelson Dooley and Laurie Alice Eakes and Lisa Harris from Barbour Publishing. Elusive dreams unite three couples.

15. Who Made you a Princess, All About Us #4 by Shelley Adina from Hatchette Faithwords. Will Shani Hanna choose the boy next door or a real-life handsome prince?

Happy reading ~