Monday, October 26, 2009

Everything Austen Challenge--Mansfield Park

I finally finished reading Mansfield Park. I did enjoy it, very much, but I couldn’t help wishing during the middle part of the book, that Jane Austen had redeemed Henry Crawford and made him the hero instead of Edmund. Oh, Edmund is such a non-hero! Yes, he’s a good, virtuous person, but even in that one hero-like quality he has flaws. He’s easily turned aside by Mary Crawford’s pretty face. Blech.

And I just can’t imagine marrying a first cousin. I guess it was done quite a lot back then, but it doesn’t appeal to me in the least! It just seems … wrong. Icky. Not an option. But even in spite of these perceived flaws in the story, I still enjoyed it. There’s just something about Jane Austen’s style that is so appealing. Plus, it gets me to thinking about my own future stories, helps me come up with ideas, and makes me want to try writing a Regency.

I do think Mansfield Park is probably the most criticized of Jane Austen’s books. But it’s still well worth reading. And now I’m moving on to Persuasion. As soon as I finish it I plan to reward myself with the movie versions. I may watch both the Ciaran Hinds version (which is my favorite) and the newest version with that pale blond fellow who doesn’t appeal to me. In fairness, I didn’t actually watch much of that one. I just saw a tiny bit of it when it was on PBS.

So how are you all faring with your Everything Austen Challenge? I still have to read Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility, but they’re my favorites, so I think I’ll make it with time to spare. We’ll see!

And no, Miss Austen did not send me this book and I got no compensation from writing this review. *Rolling my eyes*


Robin Johns Grant said...

Ha ha ha! I just re-read Oliver Twist. But I'm hesitant about reviewing it on my blog because, to be honest, Charles Dickens DID give me the book and he's such a good friend that I would have to give it a good review! :)

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