Monday, November 23, 2009

Sense and Sensibility

I finished Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, which was a wonderful reminder of why it's my second favorite Jane Austen book. Now I just have one more book, my favorite, Pride and Prejudice, to read before Jan. 1st to accomplish my Everything Austen Challenge! It's been great fun.

Sense and Sensibility is a wonderful story of two sisters who are quite opposite in their temperament. Elinor, the oldest, is very sensible, which is a good thing, because her younger sister Marianne and their mother are much too emotional, with sensibilities too strong, for their own good.

The two sisters fall in love, Marianne without any restraint, and Elinor with much self-control, and both affairs of the heart end rather badly, or at least seem to. I watched the movie version written by Emma Thompson, with Kate Winslet and Hugh Grant as soon as I finished it. I love that movie, but the newest one, that just came out last year, I think, is also extremely good and has a more perfect actor for the part of Willoughby, the roguish but very endearing blackguard who breaks Marianne's heart.

So, you can see I'm still as much into this challenge as I was at the very beginning! I'm a Jane Austen fanatic, what can I say?


Debra E Marvin said...

I have the newer Sense and Sensibility also, and I love it. (My current WIP hero is based on Edward Ferrars and I especially like this Dan's portrayal). Of course, our heros need to be more alpha than beta now so I'm making sure he is strong enough to take control of the situation when needed.

I'm hoping that with my Christmas wish list, I can complete my Austen Challenge too. Three of them involved purchases and after my 'purchases' at the ACFW bookstore, I've had to put the Austen challenge on my Amazon Wish list!

Have you watched the "Miss Jane Regrets" movie?

I'm also wondering if you can suggest any good YA medievals?

Robin Johns Grant said...

One of my favorite movie moments is when Elinor finally breaks down with great sobs of joy at the end, after being so calm and holding it all together throughout the story. Great stuff!

cathikin said...

Maybe I should try this Austen challenge. As much as I adore P&P and S&S, I've never read any of her other books.

Sally Ferguson said...

I love Sense & Sensibility!
When I was at the CLASS Christian Writers Conf in NM last month, I bought a novel by Nancy Moser. "Just Jane" is about Jane Austen's life, and a great read!