Friday, February 26, 2010

Vote! Or, How Do You Like Me Now?

I wonder if you could do me a favor. I've been trying to write a succinct description of my 300-page book, The Healer's Apprentice, and it's, well, not easy. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Anyway, how does this description grab you? Does it make you want to read the book? Sound intriguing?
Description #1:

A woodcutter’s daughter,
a duke’s son, and a mysterious woman in hiding

Rose, a poor woodcutter's daughter, must prove her competence as the healer’s apprentice if she is to save herself from her mother’s plans to marry her off to a decrepit old merchant.

When Lord Hamlin, destined to be ruler over the region, is injured while the healer is away, Rose must overcome her inexperience to save him. But she must also conquer her attraction to him, for he has dedicated his life to rescuing his betrothed—a woman whom the evil conjurer, Moncore, has vowed to destroy.

Lord Hamlin’s duty is to marry his betrothed, defeat Moncore, and bring security to his people. He should not indulge in forbidden feelings of love for Rose. But when Rose is the one in danger, only true love can prevent the ultimate tragedy.

When destiny sleeps, it can only be awakened by true love’s kiss.

Okay, now here's Description #2:
When destiny sleeps, it can only be awakened by true love’s kiss.

In this historical romance loosely based on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, Rose, a woodcutter’s daughter, becomes the town healer’s apprentice. Her job is to help care for the sick and injured in the Southwest tower of Hagenheim Castle. But Rose becomes sick at the sight of blood and is more suited to making up stories than sewing up wounds. She is determined to overcome her weakness and prove herself a competent healer, or face marrying a disgusting old merchant her mother has picked out for her.

Lord Hamlin, oldest son of the duke, destined to be ruler of the region, is injured while the healer is away. Rose must overcome her squeamishness and inexperience to care for his injury. And she must not fall in love in with Lord Hamlin, for he is betrothed to marry a girl who is in hiding and must fulfill his duty to find the evil conjurer, Moncore, and save his betrothed.

But the people of Hagenheim are not always who they seem. When Rose’s life is in danger, Lord Hamlin must choose between duty and destiny, between obligation … and true love.

Do either of these grab you? Which do you like best, #1 or #2?

Oh, and here's what the cover will look like!


Christy--Southern Sassy Girl said...

I like #1. It has a little bit more of a mysterious feel to it compared to #2 which sounds like a blunt and to-the-point description. Either way, it sounds like a fabulous book, and the cover is beautiful! I can't wait to read it! :o)


mommy4life said...

I agree that #1 leaves more intrigue and #2 is more like a book report or review summary. I think the cover is beautiful too!

Karen said...

#1 is the better one. And the cover is fabulous. It would get my attention on the shelf. But I would hope to have an autographed copy!


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

I would definitely say #1 for some of the same reasons as Christy, it's a bit more mysterious and leaves me wanting to know more! Oh and the cover is absolutely gorgeous, is it the final? I can't wait to read this!!!!!!!

XOXO~ Renee

Melanie Dickerson said...

Hi everybody! Renee, I believe this is the final cover, except that they removed the "scandalous button" as my editor called it from the bodice of the dress. I need to get them to send me the final with that removed. It's actually a pearl. There are pearls sewn across the front of the dress. I wish you could see the dress better. It's absolutely gorgeous! The Zondervan people are supposed to be making a trailer for the book. I can't WAIT to see that! And they should be using the dress and the same model for that, so hopefully you can see the dress better in the trailer.

Virginia C said...

Beautiful cover! I actually like blurb #2. It has more of a "fairy tale" YA tone. Blurb #1 is more traditional.

They both sound like a great read!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

April W Gardner said...

Def. #2. The book's target audience is probably girls, and #2 appeals to females more. It describe's Rose's situation more which is the one a girl would relate to.

Sounds like a great read! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

bigguysmama said...

Definitely #2. I thought it leant more to the imagination and "fairy tale" aspect. It made me think there's more to this story. Can I be a bit too honest with #1? I thought it was kinda cheesy, like it was trying too hard and telling too much. It didn't leave enough to the imagination. Like when they show all the best parts of a movie in the trailers. Sorry if that's snarky, that's just what I came away with when I finished reading it.


PS I respect everyone elses opinions. :)

Kathleen L. Maher said...

I am torn. #1 grabs me, but leaves me hanging about who the heroine really is. #2 is streamlined, but not as exciting as the first. I would do option #3. . .revise and go with the intrigue of the first and the warmth of your heroine from the second. If that makes sense.
I can't say enough about that INCREDIBLE cover. I would buy that in a heartbeat based on the art alone, but then, to hear that it is a version of Sleeping Beauty, I'd buy the whole stack and give them out as gifts. :)

幸運之神 said...
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Susan Mires said...

I like No. 2 and the fairy tale feeling. The first one was more of a summary. BTW, love the look of your blog!

Robin Johns Grant said...

I hate to complicate the issue, but I'm with Kathleen Maher. I liked the beginning of #2 that related it to the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. But then I thought it told too many details. The first one was more of a grabber, if you could somehow work in the beginning about the re-working of the Sleeping Beauty tale.

Amy @ My Friend Amy said...

I like #1.

Also I like your cover, melanie. ;)

Debra E Marvin said...

#1 for me too.
Let the reader decide if there's a connection to the Sleeping Beauty tale. One is definitely more intriguing for me.

With all this talk of covers lately, I also want to say again how much I like this cover.

Happy March, Melanie!

Julia said...

Wanted to comment that I love the trailer, beautiful setting.