Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo of the HOD Readers Luncheon

Here are all the author's names:
Melanie Dickerson, Linda Winstead Jones, Christy Reece, Debra Glass, Janice Lynn, Debra Webb, Peggy Webb, Sabrah Agee, Trish Milburn, Rhonda Nelson, Kate Lyon, Beverly Barton, Lynn Raye Harris, Kay Cornelius, Kerri Nelson, Lyn Stone, Julia London, and Linda Howard.

I put some photos on my facebook page of the Readers Luncheon. This is a photo of all the authors who participated.

Notice that I am on the far left, and at the other end from me (literally and figuratively) is Julia London, our keynote speaker, and ultra best-seller Linda Howard. :-) Very friendly, very down-to-earth ladies, all.

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Sherrinda said...

Wow, what a beautiful group of ladies! I bet you had a blast!