Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drawing to Win The Healer's Apprentice T-shirt!

As I had mentioned before, I am holding a drawing for you to win a T-shirt with the The Healer's Apprentice cover on the front. If you want to win this XL shirt, please leave a comment here or on my facebook page.

I am told that I can't ask you to take a picture of my book on a book store shelf in order to be entered in the drawing, BUT it would be really awesome if you would snap a pic of The Healer's Apprentice on a book store shelf and put it up on facebook. I have yet to see my book on a book store shelf! So you could be the first to share that with me!

Also, Amazon now has copies of The Healer's Apprentice in stock!!! YAY! And so does And you can now leave a review on, as of yesterday. If you read the book and like it, I would really be grateful if you would post a short review on Amazon, and any other places like I don't think anyone's posted a review yet on Goodreads.

So leave a comment to win a t-shirt!!!


Ruth said...

I'd love to be entered in the drawing! Still waiting on Amazon to ship my preorder, glad to hear the books are finally in stock!

ruthellenanderson (at) gmail (dot) com

~Prism~ said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I'll be on the lookout. :)

Please enter me:
girlofmanycolors (at) gmail (dot) com

Rebecca Herman said...

my review is on amazon, goodreads, and my blog!

please enter me rebecca191 at

Melanie Dickerson said...

Thanks for entering the drawing! :-)

CarlybirdK said...

I've been on the lookout for this book too and I'd love to win the t-shirt. Thank you.


Robin Johns Grant said...

It's also available in Kindle now, which it wasn't for a few days. So I have it in print and Kindle now! Started reading the e-book version and I'm hooked. Would love the t-shirt if it's as pretty as the book cover is, but I already entered over on FB, I think.

Lady DragonKeeper said...

Well, since the book cover is what got me curious about "tHA" . . . I'd love to have a t-shirt with it. =) Hopefully I'll be able to actually read the book soon.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter!


kristia4 said...

My sister's obsessed with trying to win this book . . . LOL. Based on the summary, the book sounds great! I also love the cover.

kristia4 (at) hawaii (dot) edu

karenk said...

i would proudly wear this t-shirt...thanks for the chance to do just that :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com