Monday, October 27, 2014

Are You Ready for The Princess Spy?

My publisher is having a Big Sale on all my previous books this week, leading up to the release of The Princess Spy on November 4th! So, you can pre-order The Princess Spy for $5.99, and you can buy any of the other fairy tale retellings for $1.99 for all e-readers.

You can pre-order The Princess Spy on

Get The Captive Maiden for $1.99

Get The Fairest Beauty for $1.99

Get The Merchant's Daughter for $1.99

Get The Healer's Apprentice for $1.99

Please spread the word! I can't wait for you all to read Margaretha's story! And for you to meet Annabel and Ranulf's grandson, Colin! ;-)


Rebekah Warmbrand said...

Is it only the e-book that's $5.99? Or the paperback as well?

Melanie Dickerson said...

I'm afraid so, Rebekah.

Rebekah Warmbrand said...

Okay, thanks!

Laura Pol said...

That is epic!! Totally sharing!

Samantha Denise said...

I read the Princess Spy and LOVED it! Colin is such a noble character. I hope that (if I get married) I find a man with qualities as good as some of your characters!!

Gianna said...

Great, Ms. Dickerson!
Your huge fan,