Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Release Day to The Beautiful Pretender!

Today's the day! I'm so excited! The Beautiful Pretender is already downloaded on ereaders and making it's way to mailboxes around the country! If you did not pre-order, then today is the day to get your copy! :-)

Here's what reviewers are saying:

"Truly, I devoured this medieval feast of treachery and love so gluttonously I’m sure I must have burped at the conclusion! Masterful storyteller Melanie Dickerson, once again delivers upon a feasting platter, an intriguing, original tale with phenomenal characters, exhilarating suspense, and a sigh-worthy romance. Enriching ‘The Beautiful Pretender’ is a meaningful reminder of God’s enduring love and faithfulness. Highly recommended!"
-- Blogger Noela from the Overcoming With God blog

"I stayed up WAY past my bedtime eagerly turning the pages on my kindle with this one. Loved Avelina right away and was amazed by her strength, discernment, faith, and courage throughout. This is the SECOND time Dickerson had my heart melting for a beastly/gruff character, this one named Lord Thornbeck, the first time was Lord Ranulf in The Merchant’s Daughter. No one writes heroes like Dickerson does and it’s crazy how much I enjoyed The Beautiful Pretender from START to FINISH." 
-- Book Reviewer Kara Grant

"The reader is just swept away as the story unfolds! She adds romance, intrigue, danger, and brings it to a satisfying finish, although I did NOT want it to end. Every time I read one of her fairy tales, I'm wanting another to begin right away!" 
-- Book Reviewer Susan Snodgrass

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Gisela said...

I, in fact, have pre-ordered this book and it will arrive today, so I'm dying for it to arrive. <3 <3

Emma Jones said...

Yay! I got my publishers copy in the mail yesterday and am dying to start it! I'm already spreading the word by mouth and am looking forward to doing reviews later!!

Anonymous said...

I read it already! I got it Amazon Prime yesterday and couldn't stop reading! It was wonderful! I loved the Beauty and the Beast tie. I read until midnight! (lol, I know, it's late) It arrived at 4:00pm and I was forced to put it down to finish homework. I really enjoyed it! I only read books really late in the night when I'm REALLY drawn to it. <3 I'm going to write a very good review. Thanks for the wonderful books, Ms. Dickerson! I love them.

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