Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wreath by Judy Christie

Hey, all! I want to tell you about a special offer one of my author friends is making available today. Judy Christie has written her first Young Adult novel, Wreath. And today when you order her new book, you also get several cool downloadable gifts free -- including a sneak peek--the whole first chapter--of my upcoming novel, The Merchant's Daughter, coming in November.

I'm sharing news of Judy's book with you because I think it's the type of book you might enjoy. Wreath is the story of a teenager -- Wreath Wisteria Willis -- who lives in a junkyard by night and goes to school by day. Life has kicked her around a bit, but she is determined not to let it keep her down. She's gutsy, fun, and smart -- just the type of girl you want to read about and share with the young readers in your life.

But I'll let Judy tell you more about her new book. Check her out at Get her book today and get lots of other free gifts -- including one from me!


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Oh, I'm so glad to see excellent literature for young people! Thanks for the link, Melanie.