Thursday, July 18, 2013

The "Big Reveal" of the cover of my new Cinderella fairy tale retelling!

Here it is! The cover of The Captive Maiden, a.k.a. my newest fairy tale retelling, a.k.a. my Cinderella story, a.k.a. Valten's story.

 I especially love the dress, which so perfectly matches the ball dress Gisela borrows from her neighbor Ava. And Gisela, a.k.a. my Cinderella, looks frightened but brave, which is good. :-)

Another stunning cover, I thought. I am very pleased with it.

The book releases in October, and if you really want to bless an author--in this case, me--please pre-order it! If you usually shop at a book store, please go there and pre-order it. If you usually buy your books from Amazon, please pre-order it here. If you usually get your books from CBD, order it here. And if you usually get your books from library, go to your local library and submit a request for them to pre-order it! Pre-orders can really make a difference. So thank you very much for your pre-orders!