Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Second Annual British Blooms & Books Giveaway

Hello, gentle reader, and welcome to the second annual British Blooms and Books giveaway! This week, we’d like to celebrate the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea FlowerShow. After enjoying this post, please visit each of the other five authors’ blog posts (links provided below) and, after a bit of reading fun, follow one simple instruction and then leave a comment on each blog. You’ll be entered to win a fabulous, British Blooms and Books prize. (US winners only, please, due to shipping the petit fours.) Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by!

Here is an excerpt from my newest romance in my Regency series, A Viscount’s Proposal:

      One glance down at her splinted arm reminded Leorah that Lord Withinghall had acquitted himself well the day before, on the whole, showing great courage, generosity, and even compassion toward her—which was difficult to assimilate with how much animosity had existed between them.
      Leorah dressed quickly with Becky’s help, being careful of her wrist, surprised that she hardly felt any pain in it, and hurried down to breakfast. After a hearty plate of her favorite breakfast foods, she wandered outside and headed for the rose garden.
      The bushes were mostly bare, but one had a few stray roses. Leorah picked a dark-pink one and held it against her cheek. The soft coolness of the petals against her skin made her close her eyes and sigh. How good it was to feel safe and to know her mother, brother, and sister-in-law were inside the house just behind her, relieved to have her home, her mother and Julia even crying a few tears of joy when they’d hugged her. They would never force her to marry Lord Withinghall simply out of fear of a ruined reputation.
       But would she be harming them if she did not marry him?
       To think of becoming Lord Withinghall’s wife . . . to endure his glowering looks, his irritation and control, his opinions of what a proper wife should do and be and think . . . He’d probably force her to read Hannah More’s treatises on proper religion and morality and forbid any sort of fiction reading.
       She pressed the flower against her lips, breathing in its soothing scent and exhaling all her fear.            
      “Lord, help the woman, whoever she turns out to be.”

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from A Viscount’s Proposal and will read the book to find out if Leorah ends up changing her mind about the viscount, Lord Withinghall.
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Giveaway Rules:
One grand prize winner who comments on each of the six authors’ blogs and agrees to the one boldfaced condition posted at the end of each post will win a signed copy of each of the books plus delivery of six English hat petit fours to enjoy while you read! Name will be drawn via random.org

Photo from Divine Delights

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