Monday, April 20, 2015

Winners from the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt!

I know you are all wondering who won the amazing prizes from the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt over the weekend! Well, here they are!

Grand Prize: Shay Teague
Purple Prize: Kristine Klein
Pink Prize: Dana McCall Michael

And the winner of a paperback set of all 5 of my YA Medieval fairy tale romance series is . . . 

Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for participating the scavenger hunt, and I hope you were able to find some new authors to read and love. That's what it's all about.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! 

I am a part of TEAM PURPLE, and this is Stop #4.  If you get confused, you can go here for the basic rules and instructions.

If you’re just joining us, there are two loops—purple and pink—and they begin at Lisa Bergren’s site and Robin Hatcher’s site for stop #1 for either stream. If you complete either the pink loop or purple loop, you can enter for a Kindle paperwhite and the 17 autographed books from that loop. If you complete BOTH loops, you can enter forthe Grand Prize of a Kindle Fire HDX and ALL 34 autographed books.

The Hunt begins at NOON Mountain time on April 16 and ends at midnight Mountain on April 19, 2015, so you have a long weekend to complete all 34 stops and maximize your chances at all the amazing prizes!

BE SURE to keep track of the clues at the bottom of every post in the loop and the favorite number mentioned. You’ll need those clues to enter for the loop prize and every number mentioned in order to enter for the grand prize.

ALSO, please don’t use Internet Explorer to navigate through the loops. Some web sites won’t show up using IE. Please use Chrome or Firefox!

Without further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my guest for the Scavenger Hunt, Winnie Griggs. Winnie is a Southern girl--like me!--who writes about Small Towns, Big Hearts, and Amazing Grace! 

Here’s her professional bio:
Winnie Griggs is the award winning author of Historical (and occasionally Contemporary) romances that focus on Small Towns, Big Hearts, Amazing Grace. She enjoys cooking, browsing estate sales and solving puzzles. She is also a list maker, a lover of dragonflies and exotic teas and holds an advanced degree in the art of procrastination.

Here’s the summary of her latest book, Winning the Widow's Heart:

To help his dying sister, Nate Cooper once broke the law—and he's regretted it ever since. Now the ex-con turned saddler hopes for a new beginning in Turnabout, Texas. So when Nate saves a young widow's daughter from imminent harm, he's shocked to be called a hero. 

Single mom Verity Leggett leads a safe life, avoiding danger and excitement at all costs. But her daughter's rescuer Mr. Cooper seems like a perfectly responsible—and handsome—man she can rely on. But when his secrets come to light, will Verity be able to get over his past and see Nate for the caring man he's become? 

When an ex-con falls for a timid widow can he convince her he’s a changed man?

And here’s Winnie's EXCLUSIVE content, that you’ll only find in this hunt!
Winnie says:

"My upcoming May release, Second Chance Hero, is the sixth book in my Texas Grooms series.  I am already near completion on the seventh which will be released in December.  The books are connected through location—they take place in the fictional town of Turnabout, Texas—and the community of people who live there.

"As you might imagine, after seven books, it’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with all the details of the books that came before.  Three books back, I drew up a town map so I could keep up with where all the buildings and landmarks are so I don’t inadvertently move them around in subsequent books.  (It you want to get a look at it, you can find it at this link

"But just as important as keeping up with the physical town layout, I need to keep track of all the people who’ve earned their happily ever after in those earlier books.  After all, life goes on for them – they have children, participate in community events, continue with their careers – and this needs to be reflected as I write the new stories in the series.  I’ve tried to keep it all straight with spreadsheets, but I needed something more of the ‘at a glance’ variety.  So just yesterday I I created a chart of all the main characters and pertinent dates—birth, marriages, etc.  I haven’t made this one public yet, it’s still on a private web page, but if you’d like a sneak peek, here’s the link

"I’m thinking that next I’m going to chart out the key secondary characters and maybe even pets that have been featured prominently.  What do you think – are there any of these sorts of charts that are of interest to readers?  If so, what other kind of info would you find interesting or helpful?"  

You can purchase Winnie's book, Second Chance Hero, at these retailers:  
Barnes and Noble   


Thanks for stopping by on the hunt! Before you go, make sure you WRITE DOWN THESE CLUES:
Secret Word(s): the book 
Secret Number: 3, a number I chose because I was born on the 3rd.

Got ‘em down?? Great! Your next stop is # 5, Winnie Griggs’s site. Click on over there now. And if you get lost, a complete list of the loop with links can be found at our mother host, Lisa Bergren’s site

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