Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest is coming!

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A beautiful maiden who poaches to feed the poor. A handsome forester on a mission to catch her. Danger and love are about to unite in Thornbeck Forest.
The margrave owns the finest hunting grounds for miles around—and Odette Menkels spends her nights poaching his deer to feed the hungry orphans of Thornbeck. By day, Odette is a simple maiden who teaches children to read, but by night this young beauty has become the secret lifeline to the poorest of the poor.
For Jorgen Hartman, the margrave’s forester, tracking down a poacher is a duty he is all too willing to perform. Jorgen inherited his post from the man who raised him . . . a man who was murdered at the hands of a poacher.
When Jorgen and Odette meet at the Midsummer festival and share a connection during a dance, neither has any idea that they are already adversaries.
The one man she wants is bound by duty to capture her; the one woman he loves is his cunning target.

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest e-book will be $4.99 until it releases on May 12th! So don't miss the pre-order sale!

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This will be my first book available in Audio
Also my first book available in hardcover!

Praying all my faithful readers will love this Swan Lake-Robin Hood mash-up, the first book in a new series! But don't worry, the old Hagenheim series will continue for just a bit longer. The next Hagenheim story is The Golden Braid, a Rapunzel retelling, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find out who the heroine is. But don't try to guess; it's supposed to be a surprise. ;-)

And Another New Release!

It's all Five of my Previously Published Fairy Tales, one complete e-book bundle, at one price.

So, there you are. My two new releases, a pre-order sale, and all the trimmings. :-) But I have just one more announcement, and that is that my website just got a sweet new overhaul! Check it out and see what you think. www.MelanieDickerson.com


NarnianWarHorse said...

Very excited to read The Huntress - and The Golden Braid! I've really loved each of your fairy tale retellings; they've never failed to surprise me with how all the well-known fairy tale elements pop into the story in unexpected places, woven into your vivid historical fiction settings.

I hope someday soon all the books will be available in a paperback set? :)

Melanie Dickerson said...

Thanks, Narnian! :-) Not sure about the paperback set, but thank you! :-)
I am extra excited for you all to read my Rapunzel story and see my surprises in that one. And I have been told that the way everything comes together at the end of The Huntress is "magical." Plus, it was endorsed by Laura Frantz, Mary Connealy, Kathleen Morgan, Ruth Axtell, and others, but my mind is going blank. Anyway, that was a thrill!

Carissa said...

Can't wait to Read The Huntress I love Robin Hood retellings, and Swan Lake is was a top fairy tales of mine as a child. The heroine' name reminded me of the movie The Swan Princess. Looking forward to The Golden Braid as well. I plan on reading The Princess Spy this month. I still have to say that The Merchant's daughter is my favorite as its a beauty and the beast retelling my all time favorite fairy tale.

Melanie Dickerson said...

Carissa, my favorite fairy tale was Beauty and the Beast too! Thanks for your comment! I hope you will like The Princess Spy! :-)

The Dashwood Sisters said...

Yay! I can't wait!!! My sister and I absolutely ADORE your books! I haven't been able to decide which is my favorite, but I think it's either The Healer's Apprentice or The Captive Maiden... The Princess Spy was really great too, though! :)

Melanie Dickerson said...

Aw, thanks, Marianne Dashwood! ;-) Is your sister's name Elinor? :-)

The Dashwood Sisters said...

Yes, my sister's name is Elinor. We blog (mostly Book Reviews) at http://lettersfromelinorandmarianne.blogspot.com/ :)

Melanie Dickerson said...

I absolutely love your names, Marianne! My daughters and I are huge fans of Sense and Sensibility. Well, all of Jane Austen's books, actually! :-) And I'm checking out your blog right now.

Gianna said...

I love Huntress of Thornbeck Forest! I finished it on a Sunday. Hmm... I sat around and read half the day! :)
Your Huge fan,